With his knack for research and concocting interesting questions, Nardwuar has a way of eliticing great responses from rappers. That trend continues in his new interview with Rich Chigga, who reveals that he once tried to sell a goat some weed.

Responding to Nardwuar's question about whether or not he owned a goat, Chigga explains that he doesn't, but the neighborhood in his native Indonesia has plenty of them.

"In my neighborhood, there are stray goats everywhere, and, someone owns it. Someone has a farm full of goats," Chigga explains. "At day time, they just let them loose, but then at night time they just come back. So, it's like in day time the whole neighborhood is just filled with goats walking around. So it's kind of like they're all mine basically."

Next, Nardwuar asks Chigga if he ever tried to sell weed to a goat. "Yeah, that's right, I did," Chigga responded. "The goat was not very happy about that."

Elsewhere in the interview, Chigga, who's looking to take rap more seriously, addressed what it was like to meet 21 Savage after he once tweeted that the Atlanta rapper—who's apparently dating Amber Rose—would probably shoot him if they ever met. Did he?

"He did not do that, I met him," Chigga says in the video. Apparently Chigga also observed something pretty interesting about 21's behavior that day.

He continued, "We didn't have an actual conversation, but it's a pretty funny thing that happened, I was in Rolling Loud and then it was kind of like, almost ending, and he always kind of rolls around with like a big crew of 20 people or something like that, and he's like very tall, you know? During the end of Rolling Loud at night they had all these fireworks and then—I read somewhere that, I think he had PTSD or something like that—and then I saw that happen like, all the loud fireworks happening. He's like, walking with his crew and then he kind of looks back, then keeps walking. That was like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Peep the whole interview below. The convo about Chigga's selling weed to a goat comes in at the 5:38-mark. The 21 Savage bit arrives at the 10:30-mark. Check out Chigga's tweet about 21 below that.

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