Rich Chigga has already achieved so much through the release of two singles, and he hadn't even performed yet until now. The 16-year-old Indonesian rapper just performed "Dat $tick" for the very first time.

In the above video, he's performing at an outdoor location with colorful graphics behind him and a huge crowd in front of him. His charisma and presence is on full display - Chigga uses every inch of the stage in order to fully hype up the audience.

In August, Rich Chigga dropped his second song, "Who That Be?" The Sihk-produced track features Chigga, A.K.A. Brian Imanuel, delivering two lengthy verses in which he raps about pulling triggers, driving fast cars and getting bread.

He spits, “We gon’ pull up on the kids with a flat brim cap and the tats get the brick / And I don’t give a fuck hit em with the damn dicks / Man, hold up, pause, now they red like Santa Claus / I’m a G, bet there’s something wrong with me / All these mans on the ground, lookin like the dead ass sea.”

"Dat $tick" took the Internet by storm when it originally dropped. In case you missed it, be sure to check out reactions from Ghostface Killah, Desiigner, Goldlink, Meechy Darko, Tory Lanez, Cam'ron and more. Every single review was positive, including Killa Cam's. The Harlem rapper stated, “I see the comedic side of what he’s doing but what he was spitting was dope though. His flow was tough."

You can view Rich Chigga's performance above, and feel free to drop a comment to let XXL know what you think.

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