Rich Chigga is finally coming to perform in America. He posted a tour flyer to his Instagram yesterday (March 27) announcing a couple shows that span both the East and West coasts. Peep all the dates below.

There’s more to Rich Chigga than people know. He’s actually a web comedian who began doing comedy on the internet and started rapping because he lost a bet to a friend of his. His first breakout record “Dat Stick” went viral and it was all up from there. XXL spoke to him about the first time he started writing raps and what made him to continue doing it.

“I started writing raps in 2014. I wasn’t even uploading it on SoundCloud yet, I was just writing for fun because I lost a dare with my friend and my friend said write a rap,” he said. “So I was writing, and the first song I wrote rhymed and I was like, “Shit, this is really fun.” So I just recorded it using my iPhone and put it together using Sony Vegas, which is a video editing program. That was my first song and a lot of my friends liked it so I just kept on doing it. And I started to upload it and posted it on Twitter.”

Last month, the young rapper hopped on ZHU, Skrillex, and THEY.’s “Working For It” for the remix. Listen to that if you missed it.

Rich Chigga's tour is set to kick off next month in Los Angeles.

April 28 - Los Angeles, Calif. - The Roxy
April 30 - Orange Country, Calif. - Constellation Room
May 3 - New York, N.Y. - SOB's
May 5 - Miami, Fla. - Rolling Loud
May 6 - Todd Mission, Texas - Middlelands

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