Rapper Rhymefest is taking a stand against gun violence in Chicago with his new Truth and Reconciliation series, and also holding a vigil to remember the victims of gun violence and to spread awareness on the issue, on Sunday (Oct. 9).

The Chicago MC was recently a guest on Windy City Live, where he spelled out his objectives and motivations for the upcoming series. "What we are going to do is a citywide therapy session," he said. "We are going to de-stigmatize. We want police, we want young people, we want the seniors, we want the teachers. And what we want to do is de-stigmatize coping techniques of just being a Chicagoan. Regardless of violence, just being a Chicagoan where many of us are over taxed and underemployed."

Fest was recently a victim of gun violence when he was robbed in late August in Chicago. After all that life-threatening drama, Fest had another issue on his hands when he went to report that crime to the police, who according to the rapper seemed very disinterested in his story. The poor treatment by officers got so bad, the Windy City native started recording how non-cooperative the authorities were in the situation.

A day later, he asked for a sit-down with the superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. "Not only with me but with the people who are in this community, to explain that culture," he told WGN. "I’ve never been in a situation where I walk in to report a crime and they look at me as the criminal.”

The vigil against gun violence will take place at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church, 600 W. Fullerton Parkway at 5 p.m. The vigil is free and open to the public.

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