Rhymefest's weekend definitely  got off on the wrong foot as he was reportedly robbed, then treated poorly by the police when he attempted to report the crime.

Fest, broke the news of the incident on social media yesterday morning (Aug. 27). Taking to Twitter he recounted the situation. "To the young brother that put the gun to my head this morning & took my wallet. You don't know how you just damaged your community," he started off. "It's 730am. you just put a gun in my face for $3 in my wallet. I defend you against police brutality, I work on your behalf you robbed me," added the budding politician.

He continued, "You don't know what you did! And who you did it to. I lived here on the southside because I thought it mattered. I'm reconsidering...You were gonna shoot me in the face for a wallet, I had the power to give you a job."

But after all that life-threatening drama, Fest had another issue on his hands when he went to report that crime to the police, who according to the rapper seemed very disinterested in his story. The poor treatment by officers got so bad, the Windy City native starting recording how non-cooperative the authorities were in the situation. The officers in the video seem more concerned about the MC having his camera phone out and recording their actions than they are about the armed robbery that just transpired.

Anthony Guglielmi, communications director for the Chicago Police Department, has issued an apology to Rhymefest upon seeing the video of how he was treated at the station. "Disappointing to say the least. On behalf of CPD, I apologize for how you were treated. We will be addressing this today," he posted on Twitter.

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