Last Wed Oct 25, Eminem appeared on his own radio station Shade 45 on Lord Sear and Rude Jude’s All Out Show. It musta been telethon time for satellite radio company Sirius, who were recruiting more subscribers by any means necessary. Maybe that’s why Slim Shady gave the despicable duo such a provocative interview. Did anyone catch this shit?

I finally downloaded it this weekend from eskay’s nah right site (he got it from something called The Street Space who posted the entire thing) and boy, is it hella entertaining. Despite what most people think, I still have never actually met Eminem, but I did learn a lot about him from listening to this shit. Maybe he’s just pulling our legs (dude is quite a pranksta) but if half of his revelations here are true, y’all need to pay attention like our old booted blogger DJ Drama.

Em’s Confessions

  • Marshall has a little gray in his blond hair and beard.
  • Marshall says he's never stopped taking drugs. Later in intv, he claims he did.
  • Marshall enjoys/enjoyed heroin.
  • Marshall hits himself in the head with a hammer every night to go to sleep.
  • Marshall is Jewish. Guess that's why he so successful.
  • Marshall and Dre feel if they make music they like, then the people will like it.
  • Marshall says Re-Up was coming out too crazy to be just a mixtape.
  • Marshall took a month and half to draw the album’s cover artwork.
  • Marshall is a quadruple threat: he makes beats, he raps, draws in his spare time, and he's a master masturbator.
  • Marshall used to watch a lot of Jenny Jones.
  • Marshall admits he fucked Brittany Spears. Claims he pulled out.
  • Marshall feels K Fed is a big loser.
  • Marshall also admits he fucked Brittany Murphy, Mariah Carey and Tara “Before all the diseases” Reid. He’s got balls for admitting the last one.
  • Marshall's New Year's Resolution is to practice not lying. Always tell the truth. And the whole truth.
  • Marshall insists he did have a six, seven month relationship with Mariah. Still a lil’ salty she denies it.
  • Marshall feels downloading is hurting the music industry. You think?
  • Marshall says you can't gauge an artist’s true fanbase based on sales today.
  • Marshall likes T.I., Ludarcis, Lloyd Banks and Obie Trice's new albums.
  • Marshall wants to be like Steven Segal one day, old and able to still kick ass.
  • Marshall is perturbed but not bitter that artists aren't selling like they used to. Too many free download cookies.
  • Marshall's favorite cereal growing up was Corn Flakes without the milk.
  • Marshall's favorite cartoon was He-Man. A lil gay but hey he’s not. Just check the above list of his Caucasoid conquests.

P.S. Marshall was really live in Detroit for all of this. You think he's gonna bring his White ass to NY for a stupid radio station? The man in the plastic bubble knows it ain’t worth the trouble.