Cleveland big dog Ray Jr. drops his newest project, Lyrics Playlist. The 11-track mixtape features guest appearances from Fabolous, Ripp Flamez, P The Artist, Ju, Fame and DJ Ryan Wolf. The tapes features the remix to Ray's hit single "Nosebleedz."

To go along with the tape, the "unofficial Mayor" of Cleveland also released a short film titled Gold Packs The Movie. The film is set in Ray Jr.’s hometown of Cleveland and co-stars rappers such as Ripp Flames, Doe Boy, Pooh Gutta and more.

Gold Packs The Movie follows Ray Jr.'s attempt to navigate a community ravaged with murder and plagued with a high crime rate. The journey leads Ray to the ultimate revelation: the better choices we make as a community, the better our community will do.

The short film was was written and produced by Ray Jr., and shot and edited by Khil Datta. Lyrics Playlist  is used as the film's score.

Listen to Lyrics Playlist and watch Gold Packs The Movie below.

Lyrics Playlist Tracklisting:

01. "Lyrics Playlist"
02. "Suitecase"
03. "Check"
04. "The Family" Featuring Ripp Flamez
05. "Back In Town" Featuring P The Artist
06. "Kenn Ball Her Face" Featuring Ju & Fame
07. "Playing Spades"
08. "Don't Play" Featuring DJ Ryan Wolf
09. "Sa Interlude"
10. "NozeBleedz (Remix)" Featuring Fabolous and Ripp Flamez
11. "Change"

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