Andre Roxx's defamation lawsuit against TMZ for erroneously reporting that he'd attempted to take his own life by cutting off his penis has been dismissed by a federal judge.

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), Reuters reports Chief Judge Leonard Stark of U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Del., ruled that Roxx, real name Marques Andre Johnson, missed the one year statute of limitations by waiting almost two years after TMZ published the story to press the charges. In other words, case closed.

The person who actually cut off his penis is someone named Andre Johnson. Johson, who uses the rap name Christ Bearer, jumped off a balcony after severing his own private part, At the time of Christ Bearer's self-inflicted genital mutilation,TMZ's erroneous report spread rapidly, with BET reporting, “Andre Johnson, who spits under the names Christ Bearer and Andre Roxx."

That's where the trouble began. Unfortunately for Roxx, it doesn't seem like any damage will end up being fixed--at least through a defamation lawsuit.

Roxx's original complaint, which was reported by The Hollywood Reporter, noted that the damage had already been done by the time TMZ posted a corrected version of the original story.

“Even after TMZ posted a corrected story, and after other media outlets had made some effort to correct their stories, Defendants continued to report the same false information — that Plaintiff had cut off his penis and jumped off a balcony, and to this day no Defendant other than TMZ has even corrected the story,” Roxx's original complaint read.

Now it appears Roxx will have to pursue other ways to get the justice he feels he deserves.

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