Texas has its own big rap group ready to make an impact. Meet League Of Extraordinary Gz, a crew consisting of budding rappers that have what it takes to burst out of the underground. Get down with this League shit.

Standout: "Attitude"

Also check out: "We Gon Make It"

And: "Roll One"

Name: Da C.O.D (Mr Greezo, S. Dot, Tuk-da-Gat and Lil J), Dred Skott (Reggie Coby) and Southbound (Lowkey and Sandman) and Dowrong

Age: N/A

Hometown: Austin, TX.

We grew up listening to: Lowkey: UGK, 8 Ball & MJG, Screw Music. Everything from Texas Fat Pat to Lil Keke. All that shit. A little bit of New York, not much. Method Man was only my New York artist. I like Nas too. Reggie: Nas, Jigga. Tuk: I came up on Texas music. DJ Screw. Swishahouse. UGK. Anything from Houston really was what we were fucking listening to. A lot of New York shit too. Tuk: Really, when I started hanging out with S. Dot and went to school in Austin, he put me on everything. X-Rated from Sacramento. We used to bang that shit. Brother Lynch. Super tough. Lowkey: C-Bo. Tuk: It didn’t matter what it was, as long as the shit was jamming and we were eating on it, then we we were listening to it.

Most people don't know we: Reggie: Nobody really knows anything about us. That could be anything. Tuk: Most people don’t know there are so many rappers in the group. It’s kind of hard to differentiate. But if you are talking about something that is a little more personal, I wanted to throw up this morning [Laughs]. S. Dot: Really, they see us, but they don’t know our brother ESBE, he passed away. He was the one who came up—him and Reggie—they come up with the idea of League of Extraordinary Gz before we even came together. So they see us, they don’t see him. He’s always with us in spirit. He was like the founding member.

Our style's been compared to: Dowrong: Wu-Tang! I love being compared to Wu-Tang! S.Dot: Just because there’s a lot of us. That’s one of the main things that we have an array of styles. It’s something for everybody. You can listen, you could get the hip-hop vibe from one track. You could get the street vibe from one track, but it’s all cohesive at the same time cause we’re all a family. So, it all comes together well.

Our standout records and/or moments to date have been: S.Dot: We just released a video for “Attitude” Another single off our #LeagueShit album. A video for the song “Intercourse” that’s coming soon. “Four Dollar Blues.” Then we got older videos like “Yes, He Is,” “We Gon Make It.” Lowkey: “We Gon Make It” is probably the song that people know us from. That was the first video that we put out. A lot of people that’s been with us from the beginning. That’s where they caught on.

Tuk: We went on tour for a couple months with Ritz and did the whole United States. We went East-West, Northwest. Like, everywhere, so that was pretty big for us as far as getting out and getting some notoriety before we even had a project we were pushing really hard, Other than the album, we did a tour with dead prez. We did a tour with Jackie Chain. We did a tour with Scotty ATL.

Our goal in Hip-Hop is: Lowkey: Feed all these babies, man. That’s the main thing. Tay has five of them. Reggie is about to have one. My brother has four of them. J got two. We gotta feed these babies. On some real shit, we all had this dream of rapping and shit and it’s cool. At the end of the day, it’s about the family. That’s all we got. If all this shit goes away tomorrow, we still got to put food on the table for the people who look out for us.

We're gonna be the next:  Tuk: There really hasn’t been a group of this size in a long time. Lowkey: It’s weird, they say groups don’t work. We’ve been hearing that ever since we started. Reggie: “Groups don’t work. Groups don’t work.” Yeah. Lowkey: We are going to drop a bunch of solos on y’all next year, too. So people are going to get a taste of what everybody sounds like by themselves. We’re going to be the first group in years that’s gonna come out and actually do something.

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