R. Kelly claims he hasn't seen one minute of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly, but the "I Admit" singer wants to sue everyone involved anyways.

On Sunday (Jan. 6), TMZ reported that Kelly's day-to-day contact who gave them an overview on the embattled singer's thoughts about the six-part docuseries after it aired over the weekend. According to the source, Kelly is "disgusted" by the series, which is one that explores the numerous allegations of sexual, physical and mental abuse against him. According to the celebrity news site's source, Kelly believes the people responsible for the series have a personal vendetta against him.

Despite the viral attention the show received, Kelly reportedly chooses to ignore it entirely. His inner circle fed him all the details down to the people who were interviewed. The docuseries, which aired over the course of three nights from Thursday to Saturday, details several controversial accusations leveled against Kelly in the past and present.  In one part of the show, viewers get insight into the singer's relationship with Aaliyah. In another, the infamous sex tape scandal is explored. In the final piece of the doc, those who tuned in could see hear about the women who are reportedly still abused by him to this day.

According to the source, Kelly denied knowing half the people who spoke up about their experiences with the Chicago singer and claimed the others hate him for "various personal and professional reasons."

In the final episodes of the docuseries, the parents of the girls still involved with Kelly fight to get their daughters back from him. Although one mother managed to successful bring her daughter home, the other alleged victim is reportedly still with him.

In another interesting note from TMZ, R. Kelly's ex-wife Andrea Kelly says that, despite her abuse allegations against him, she hasn't forbade their three children (Robert Kelly Jr., Jay and Joann Kelly) from interacting with their father. A rep for Andrea says their children, who are now adults, have yet to see the docuseries and that Kelly hasn't contacted their family in months.

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