Following the arrest of Q Money for murder in the shooting death of Calvin Alexander Chappell, the family of the Cleveland rapper (born Qamar Williams) issued a statement regarding the incident on Monday (April 22).

In their statement (via, the family says they believe that Q Money was the victim and was acting in self-defense when he allegedly shot Chappell multiple times. It reads in part, "We feel Qamar was a victim in this situation as well due to his life being completely being altered behind this event. Qamar is an energetic, enthusiastic young man and has no malice in his heart for anyone.

"As the facts and evidence continue to become available, we are sure that they will show that Qamar acted in self-defense from feeling as though his life was at risk and being threatened. We are deeply saddened by the way the information that has been released portrays the night in question. We are here 100% to support our Son Qamar."

According to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Q Money was charged with felony murder for allegedly shooting Chappell multiple times with a handgun on April 15 at a home in Decatur, Ga. Police said after seeing Q stand over the victim's body, his roommate ran to wake the victim’s cousin and they both managed to take the gun away from the rapper. From there, they reportedly forced Q Money out of their home and locked him out.

Q Money, who was interviewed for XXL's The Break last October, surrendered to police on April 18.

"We are praying for the Chappell family and we ask that you keep our family in your prayers as well," the statement continues. "We look forward to a positive outcome for our son Qamar 'QMoneyyyyy' Williams."

Q Money's bond hearing is scheduled for April 29.


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