Update (Feb. 8, 11:09 p.m. EST):

Sounwave has clapped back at Martians on Twitter, claiming the producer is just trying to get his buzz up after dropping his debut album the other week. Peep the tweets below.

Original Story:

There is some tension building between producers Matt Martians and Sounwave over the "A.D.H.D." beat featured on Kendrick Lamar's 2011 album Section.80. The song was produced by Sounwave using a sample from "The Knight Hawk" by The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Martians is one half of that production duo, and says he's still waiting to be paid for the sample's use, calling out Sounwave on Twitter early Thursday morning (Feb. 8).

Sounwave wrote the day before, "Lowkey feels good to find samples that even whoSampled.com can't find #Dig," to which Martians replied, "I bet. So u don't have to pay folks like u STILL haven't paid me for sampling 'ADHD'."

Martians then explains that an agreement was reached years ago, the producer tweeting in 2014, "If I get one more person asking do I get paid from adhd. Yes nigga damn." However, payment never arrived, as he explained last night, writing, "thats when we all agreed on it and had a 'check' / 'deal' cut that never came." In another tweet he later deleted, Martians alluded to avoiding litigation, saying, "and i haven't done the obvious cuz i legit hate taking money out another black mans pocket. could have had it for free...just credit my guy."

Sounwave has not responded directly to any of Martians' tweets. XXL has reached out to the TDE producer for comment.

Martians just released his solo debut album Drum Chord Theory at the end of January. It features production from Tyler, The Creator and Steve Lacy on a couple tracks. Listen to that right here.

Check out the Twitter dust up in the gallery below, with both "A.D.H.D." and "The Knight Hawk" included a bit further down for comparison. You can also peep our list of the best rap producers of 2016, in which Sounwave is included.