The New York City subways are filled with all kinds of different personalities on the daily, but Princess Nokia came across one man who caused more than a simple disturbance. Footage has surfaced of the 25-year-old rapper confronting a man shouting the N-word on a subway car, and it shows Nokia dumping hot soup on him as other passengers help kick him off.

Responding to the video on Twitter, the New York MC shared the story of what led her to dump soup on the guy and what inspired her to stick up for others. Nokia describes the "bigot" as originally shouting the N-word at a group of black teenagers before she gets involved to slap the man. Eventually, she comes together with others on the train who are infuriated by his comments, literally kicking him off the train. The footage shows Nokia pouring hot soup on the man, who is shouting back at the group of people while looking for his bag of belongings that is still on the train.

The 1992 Deluxe entertainer then tweeted photos of Black female activists in history, including Angela Davis, Assata Shakur, Kathleen Cleaver and Elaine Brown, who give her strength. She also assures her followers that she will do anything to honor her brothers and sisters in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

See the full video below, followed by Nokia's tweets.

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