Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard will be dropping an album sometime soon.

Lillard, also known as Dame DOLLA (Different on Levels the Lord Allows), dropped a track yesterday (July 13) called "Soldier in the Game." The three-minute offering is a banger, as Dame drops bombs over the dope beat with ease. It looks like there's a lot more to come. 

According to TMZLillard has been in the studio working on more than one song in preparation for a full-length project.

"It's definitely in the works. Rap is another passion of mine," the 24-year-old guard told TMZ. 

Although he's been putting in work in the studio, Damian's rap aspirations haven't gotten in the way of his basketball career.

"I spend 80 percent of time thinking about and working on basketball things," he explained. "A percentage of what’s left goes into me expressing my story through music."

Lillard has been trying his hand at rapping for a little while now. He started spitting when he was a teen and is now taking it a step further. He's shown off his rhyming skills in rap battles, most recently spitting a freestyle on Sway in the Morning. He even kicked off #4BarFriday, which allows fans, aspiring rappers and NBA players to flex their rap abilities via social media. XXL spoke to him about the phenomenon back in 2013.

In addition to rapping, the Portland ball player has been teaming up with Adidas for some new releases. Last week, they unveiled the Oakland Rebels' inspired D Lillard 1's. They're the third pair of kicks Damian and the shoe company have dropped so far this year. Back in March, they released the Florist City Collection along with John Wall, following the unveiling of the Lillard 1's at the top of the year.