Phonte excited many hip-hop fans when he announced the upcoming release schedule for the Foreign Exchange Music imprint. Among those releases is a new solo album from Phonte titled No News Is Good News, which is scheduled to drop on Sep. 30.

That's not all that Phonte has in the works as the announcement also included an untitled collaboration project with Grammy nominated singer Erro, better known as Eric Roberson.

There was no indication of whether No News Is Good News will be purely hip-hop, but it appears likely be as it's being billed as a solo album. Phonte's solo debut, 2011's Charity Starts At Home, saw him return to a full record of rapping after his success as a singer in the Foreign Exchange.

Phonte first made his name in the music business as a member of the heralded trio Little Brother. Alongside 9th Wonder and Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte became one of underground hip-hop's most high profile acts. 9th Wonder would eventually leave the group and Little Brother ultimately disbanded in 2010 following the release of their album LeftBack. Phonte would focus on his singing career as part of the Foreign Exchange, which has been a thriving endeavor to this day and seen the North Carolina native earn Grammy nominations for his work in the group.

Despite his success in R&B realm, hip-hop fans clamor and demand for Phonte to keep rapping. It appears they will get their wish with this new LP. And after the critical acclaim that Charity Starts At Home received, listeners will likely have high expectations for Phonte's sophomore solo effort.

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