Last week, Shia LaBeouf bodied his "Five Fingers of Death" freestyle on Sway in the Morning. Now, Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 is clapping back with his own bars.

You can view the clip above via Hot 97's official Twitter account. Rosenberg prefaces everything by saying, "I know it's the holidays, and I want to send love to everyone... But you know Shia LaBeouf did something last week that made me feel some type of way. And I know it's the holidays, but as a Jewish dude—he's Jewish, right? He didn't even come talk to me about trying to get in the game."

Then, Rosenberg jumps right into his freestyle, spitting, "Shia LaBeouf, you gotta face facts/You only started rapping 'cuz your film career is wack/Speaking of wack, your tattoos are that/If you saw Big you would prolly get slapped/Matter of fact, don't rap on his tracks/Don't mention his name, don't open your yap/You ain't shit/Missy, Big, Pac/Happy Thanksgiving, come feast on my cock."

Is Rosenberg trying to stake his claim as the best non-rapper rapper in the game? In case you missed it, go back and peep LaBeouf's crazy freestyle on Sway's Universe. The Transformers movie star raps, “Get ready, get set, this a meme/This is wild, this a childhood dream/I’m that guy, though/All pride, yo.”

He continues, “1Oak, that’s a dumb club/I don’t go there, but I get dumb love/Legend bitch, trash you heard, that’s all alleged bitch/Plagiarists stay makin’ shit/Greatest gifts come from painful shit/Truth is? I’mma true G/Only white kid with Big in a Coogi tatted to me/And Tupac too, and Missy on my two knees/Dude, please askin’ bout my tats like a groupie/Whenever the truth’s required, I’m hired/I’m the go-to guy for fire.”

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