Peewee Longway is giving fans a nice reminder to check out his Mr. Blue Benjamin mixtape, one of the 2016's best from the first quarter. The Atlanta rapper accomplishes this by dropping a new music video for the project's intro and title track. The video see Peewee rhyming while flexing as he shows off all the money and material goods he's accrued in recent years.

"Fuck 12, bust a whole pint on they feet/Noisey Atlanta gon' have me right there with Meech/Mr. Blue Benjamin, now I own the streets/All of my bitches freaky, my money neat/Bitch, that ain't no secret," Peewee Longway raps.

Peewee Longway's music video release also comes with the announcement that he will be dropping a Blue M&M 3 mixtape in addition to his previously announced Longway Sinatra with producer Cassius Jay. There was some talk of the Longway Sinatra tape dropping on Aug. 9 but obviously that did not happen. There is no release at this time for either the Blue M&M 3 or Logn Sinatra tapes.

Fans did get to hear a preview of the latter project earlier this month when Peewee Longway released the song "New Bankroll." The track is an homage to the late Bankroll Fresh who was shot and killed back in March. Bankroll's team has continued to release music to keep his name on people's minds, and songs like Peewee's tribute are another great way to keep the fallen rapper's legacy going. Check out "New Bankroll" below if you have not heard it already.

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