Over the years, Peewee Longway has remained as one of the most talented rappers in Atlanta, being included in the conversation with all of his talented peers. His newest video is "MLK," a black and white dedication to Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader.

In the Omar The Director-helmed footage, Peewee fills the role of MLK, right down to his style of dress. The theme is a mix of the Civil Rights era and modern times, showing Black people then and now. There's appearances from the KKK, people being hosed and uprisings against the police. The video also ends with a crazy plot twist.

Peewee runs through the song easily, but the second verse is particularly moving. "Hate is to great a burden for you to bear/Ain't nothing more dangerous than ignorance," he relays, mixing in some wisdom. "That's the king in the laboratory/Water whipping, I had all my dreams from a pint of lean."

The rhymer then talks about his family and his life in the streets; "Fell asleep cooking work over whole things/My mama raised me like Coretta King/My daddy locked up in the chain gang/Ain’t got no one to point at, play blame games," he delivers.

"MLK" is a track from Peewee's 2017 mixtape, Blue M&M 3, which he released in August of last year. After the tape came out, Peewee unleashed a video for "Sucker Shit" and attended Gucci Mane's wedding last October.

Check out Peewee Longway's "MLK" video below.

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