peewee longway file

1017 Brick Squad artist Peewee Longway was arrested Sunday (Aug. 31) for illegal possession of a controlled substance and first degree possession of marijuana. The "Came In" rapper was expected to perform at The Luxe Bar & Grill, also known as Club Luxe, in Montgomery, AL. but police officers detained him before he could reach his destination.

According to a Club Luxe representative, Peewee Longway was set to perform around 1 AM when an unexpected call from his manager revealed the show might not even take place.

"While we were setting up the VIP area, I got a call from his manager saying they were 30 minutes away. Then next thing you know, he calls back saying they got pulled over by the police down the street," said the Club Luxe rep.

Another source close to the situation speculates the arrest might have been an arranged act. Longway was en route to the club with a truck full of people. "Sounded like a set up to me. From what I heard, everybody went to jail," said the source.

Peewee Longway's bond is currently set for $30,000 ($15,000 for each charge).