Outlawz rapper Hussein Fatal was recently killed in a car accident. Information on the death is scarce, but late last night, a post went up on the group's official Twitter page giving condolences to the rapper mentioning he died in an auto wreck. "Rest in Paradise our brother Hussein Fatal he passed away in a car accident. Pray for his family & kids at this time!," the tweet reads, accompanied by a photo of Fatal and Tupac.

Outlawz member Mutah "Napoleon" Beale also confirmed the passing in a Facebook post which reads, "From Allah we belong to Allah we return it is confirmed our brother hussein fatal member of the outlawz returned to Allah last night due to a car accident. Our brother fatal did accept islam and We ask Allah to have mercy on him. He was my old group member and friend for over 20 years and he will be missed. Death comes sudden with out warning and we ask Allah to give us a good ending."

Born, Bruce Washington, Fatal was one of the original members of the New Jersey outfit that was founded by Tupac Shakur during the mid-90s. He famously rhymed the second verse on Pac's scathing Bad Boy diss, "Hit Em Up" and on the All Eyes On Me track "All Bout U." He would later go on to drop two solo albums. He was 38 years old at the time of his passing.

Fatal is the third Outlawz member (counting Tupac) to meet an untimely death. Member Yaki Kadafi, 19, was murdered two months after Pac's unsolved murder in November 1996.

RIP Hussein Fatal