There is some major dissension within the State Property camp. Things got messy this weekend when Oschino Vasquez, of rap group Oschino & Sparks, posted a picture of Beanie Sigel, Freeway and the Young Gunz on Instagram with a jab directed at them in the caption.


This prompted a response from Beanie Sigel in the comments of the post.

"Wow hov said jealously is a female trait, I ain't gay I ain't into liking dudes no way," said Beanie Sigel.

From there, Oschino pulled no punches as he began accusing Beanie Sigel of being a thief. Sigel's brother tried to play mediator in the situation, but this only prompted a more detailed accusation from Oschino. The rapper brought up an alleged incident of theft that took place in Atlantic City.

"What about the bag he stole in Atlantic city?? I had to chase the promoter down to get @phillyfreeway @neef_buck @peedicrakk1 @therealomilliosparks @chris cause beans took the bread that was for everybody I made Bull pay twice!!!" Oschino wrote. "Ask freeway Chris and neef Sparks peedi any of em. Bull gave beans the money for everybody and he pocket it i would NEVER do that to my youngins NEVER EVER!!!! I AINT MAKING THIS UP JUST STATING FACTS THEN AFTER THE SHOW WAS OVER @djamir was looking for beans cause he ain't pay him either."

Oschino concluded the argument by dissing Beanie once more and criticizing the other State Property members for not speaking on the situation.

"@beaniesigelsp you said I'm jealous nigga everybody already know im doing me," Oschino said. "You stole from me and niggas is pussies that why they aint saying nothing. I was forever doing me before neef pressed a shirt up @beaniesigelsp @ceo_do4self_ent know that's all I scream is do 4 self cause I damn sure do for self!! But a nigga who steal out of his supposed to be youngins is the worst type nigga there is!!"

You can follow the whole exchange between Oschino, Beanie Sigel and Beans' brother below. This is clearly a deep-seated issue that won't be going away anytime soon.

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