Ten years ago today Ol' Dirty Bastard passed away at the young age of 35, leaving behind his wife Icelene Jones and his three children, Taniqua Jones, Bar-Son Jones (AKA Young Dirty Bastard) and Shaquita Jones. Ten years after the Wu-Tang MC's sad passing, XXL spoke to Dirty's family about how they are planning to honor the late, great Ol' Dirty Bastard. —Emmanuel C.M.

XXL: What is the family doing for the 10 year anniversary of ODB’s passing?
Icelene Jones: I had plans of being with all my children but everyone is spread out right now. [Laughs] Taniqua is in New York, Bar-Son (Young Dirty Bastard) is out there trying to make it happen and Shaquita is on the other side of Georgia right now. I really don’t have any plans. I wanted to rent out a place in Georgia but if they’re not going to be here I’m not going to do it.

Young Dirty Bastard: I’m going to have something in this new store coming up in Georgia in the heart of Atlanta. It’s going to be real good. Slick Polo is going to come through. I have a bunch of artists coming through and showing love. We’re going to have a bunch of candles at the store and we're going to bring him back.

Taniqua Jones: I’m not too sure what I’m doing. My mother asked me the other day what I was thinking because she was sad. I told her I didn’t really think about it. I didn’t want it on my mind, to think about his death day. Today I was at work, I was thinking, tomorrow is the 13th, the day my father passed. I started to get a little sad. I try not to keep my mind on it because I got so much going on. It’s depression. Last year I put candles at his mural on Franklin and Putnam [in Brooklyn]. So I thought about going by, leaving candles and putting flowers there. Usually what I do is I put out candles and listen to Hot 97. I wish I had the number to tell them thank you. Every year they blast his music. Just representing my father for his birthday or to remember him on his death day.

Shaquita Jones: I’ll be looking for a job. [Laughs] I want to tell the radio stations down here to play his music. Since we’re in the South, they don’t really play Dad’s music.

Icelene Jones: I feel bad because a lot of things aren’t going our way. This is the 10-year anniversary and we were supposed to have a big thing in New York. We wanted to do different things but got no support, no money to make it happen. It's just sad. Everybody else is making money except for us. We don’t have any help, we don’t have any support. Everybody who helps us gave up.

Why don’t people help y’all?
Taniqua: It’s a couple battles that we’ve been going through this whole time. It’s always someone taking. It’s a big fight sometimes. It’s so much. It’s just a lot of fighting and struggle for the simple things that [are] supposed to be easy.

How do you plan on keeping Dirty's legacy alive?
Young Dirty Bastard: Well, by putting this movie out, a couple of movies. People just be making one movie about a person. In this movie I kind of want to transform him into a real black superhero that had powers. His ability was to rap but he has strength. But when he raps on the stage I want all the people to feel that energy. I want people to understand that he was more than just a rapper. He was for the universe. He was for the reform of different nations. Making everything work; that's what he’s about. The only way to keep pushing the legacy is through the children. We’re his children, obviously. We got books coming out. We got films coming out. We got a couple reality shows coming out. All types of stuff, just to keep him alive. Shaquita is coming out with a clothing line. Taniqua wants to do a million things. His legacy is going to live forever.

Taniqua: I went to see my father's mural the other day. My son had never been there. I brought him there to just let him see what it is and see what they have painted on the wall. It was so many different people that loved him—white, black, Asian, bunch of countries. People sending me photos, portraits they did of him. Everybody is uniting and loves this one person. His message was so strong that I didn’t really realize it. If he can affect this many people we should keep on pushing and try to make something last, especially through my brother YDB.