OG Maco doesn't want to be OG Maco anymore. In a series of Instagram stories and tweets posted to his social media accounts on Aug. 7, the rapper announces plans to retire the name and pursuit of music at the end of this year.

"This isn't coming from a bad place but after this year I will no longer continue being OG Maco," he writes in one Instagram story. "I have given all I can give as OG Maco and I'm thankful for everything that you all have given me, but I want to be human again." He adds that he is "tired of being a product."

In the accompanying tweet, the 2015 XXL Freshman says that he wants to focus on his soul and existing peacefully. Additionally, he says he's apparently been contemplating the decision for some time, which is why he hasn't released much new music as of recent.

In another post, he clarified what's in the future for the music he's already recorded. "I won't be holding any more music. Once covers are made, I'll be releasing everything I have in the vault, all projects, singles and features on ALL Streaming platforms then I'm done."

"I have made this decision with a sound mind and after many losses and feel it's what's best for my soul," he added sadly.

It looks as though he's not wasting any time emptying the vault of music in his stash. He shared a snippet of a song titled "Blue Strips," and announced that he plans to drop his whole catalog a few songs at a time. OG Maco says he'll share songs on each Monday and Friday beginning August 14. He tells his fans they have "the rest of this year to RAGE but this is it."

True to his tweets, we haven't heard much from Maco on the music front recently. He has, however, stayed active in the hip-hop community, congratulating 2018 XXL Freshman J.I.D on making the class and speaking out after the tragic death of XXXTentacion.

Read OG Maco's tweets below.

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