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After having public fallout with his fellow members of the Wu-Tang Clan because of his financial demands, it appears that Raekwon has had a change of heart. Fans have been dying to hear A Better Tomorrow, but the beef between he and RZA placed a huge delay on the release of the project. According to Clash, everything seems to be restored and The Chef ensured Wu-Tang fans that it's all good.

"We finally reached some kind of great agreement, me and RZA. And, yeah, everything is starting to happen... it's starting to make sense. I can't really give you too much ballistics on that, but as far as me being on board to do what I'm supposed to do, my team is telling me that it's going to be a great situation. So I'm excited."

With the rift between Raekwon and RZA subsiding, after both men to spewed hate among each other in various interviews, fans can rejoice. Now, everything appears to be peaceful and the long awaited $5 million album and A Better Tomorrow , may soon come to fruition.