Wu-Tang fans – don’t worry. An album is coming soon.

RZA spoke with The Associated Press to touch on the progress of the Clan’s long-awaited album. The de facto leader says the album is still six weeks or so from completion. The process so far as helped him realize there are now different prioritizes in his career than music.

"When you're a young man, you're hustling and you've got 12 hours a day to dedicate to music. It might be more than that," he said. "The energy that's important is constantly pouring out. But when you've got to go seek for the energy, it becomes a little more difficult. Wu-Tang is forever, I'll never take back that statement. But we haven't recorded a lot of studio albums. This is the first album we've recorded in seven years, actually. And we can't wait seven years for another album."

RZA has worked hard to gather material for the album, stating he stopped in Memphis to conduct original records with players from the Stax and Hi record labels. He also says most of the production is complete and most of the other members—GZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Inspectah Deck—finished their verses over the summer. He wants to reach out to outside producers to add their touches before submitting a final product.

"Everybody did their verses except Raekwon," RZA said. "He hasn't turned in his verses yet. I don't know if he's still trying to find the vibe of the music. We have to talk about it before it becomes too late. But he hasn't come to the table yet."

However, He added the album needs Rae in order to have the full Wu experience. "Well, you know what, that's something that I would take a vote on with the rest of the crew. I'm not a dictator about that. Raekwon is a valuable energy to the Wu-Tang, his voice, his lyrics, his approach. Rae is a master lyricist."