Ever since his breakout single "Big Tymin," Nef The Pharaoh has been making waves in the Bay Area. Too often, the rest of the country ignores what's going on in that region. But Nef's gonna be hard to downplay after this new project.

The Chang Project features guest appearances from Rydah J. Klyde, SOB x RBE, Ty Dolla $ign, OMB Peezy, Larry June, Remedy and more young talent. The production is phenomenal, featuring work from Architekz, DTB, Cal-A, P-Lo and more.

"I consider this the prelude to the upcoming Big Chang Theory album," Nef tells XXL. "I called it the Chang Project because one, Chang is my nickname and two, it’s my alias project. It’s 100% me, 100% Chang. Nobody told me to say this, use these beats, get these features. It’s all music that I wanted to make and to hear. I’d categorize this project as 'road trip music' because it flows well from beginning to end. It was created for you to have fun experiences to with friends, riding to wherever you’re going.

"I was given this name by the late, great Johnny Ca$h, a popular rapper from the Bay Area who passed away 10 years ago," Nef continues. "He was in the groups Money Gang and HoodFellas. I’d see him riding around with his fancy lifestyle and I’d compliment him on his jewelry and he’d tell me, 'One day, you’ll have this too, Little Chang.' I never got the chance to ask him how he came up with my name before he passed but I think it's the sound of chains clinking, Like 'chang chang.'"

The tape will be available later tonight via iTunes, but you can stream the project exclusively on XXL below.

Nef The Pharaoh's The Chang Project Tracklist

1. "Chang You Are My Life" Feat. Khyenci (prod. by MigL Beatz)
2. "Out There" Feat. Rydah J. Klyde (prod. by Scorpe Dezel)
3. "Don't Stress" Feat. Caleborate (prod. by Cal-A)
4. "Spice" Feat. SOB x RBE (Yhung T.O.) (prod. by Chris O'Bannon)
5. "Back Out" Feat. Ty Dolla $ign (prod. by Architekz)
6. "Move4" Feat. Omb Peezy & Jay Ant (prod. by DTB)
7. "LOE Gino's Interlude" Feat. LOE Gino (prod. by Young A)
8. "Bling Blaow" Feat. SOB x RBE (Slimmy B) (prod. by The Two. Fifteens)
9. "Bass Head" (prod. by Architekz)
10. "Cpt. Save A Hoe 2k17" Feat. Larry June (prod. by Scorp Dezel)
11. "Remedy's Interlude" Feat. Remedy (prod. by Koast)
12. "Klondike" Feat.. Remedy & The Real Lil Kayla (prod. by P-Lo)
13. "Lauryn Hill" (prod. by West Side Webb)
14. "Everything Big" (Remastered) [prod. by P-Lo]
15. "My Niggas" Feat. Neech & SOB x RBE (Daboii & Lul G) (prod. by Konz Beatz)

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