Nate Dogg's son, Naijiel Hale, is trying to stop the late singer's wife from cashing in on his estate. The family has been fighting over the beloved hip-hop singer's estate since his death in March 2011. Now, Naijiel is claiming that Nate's widow Latoya Calvin was just in it for the money and doesn't deserve anything, reports TMZ.

According to court documents obtained by the site, Naijiel Hale claims Calvin caused the car crash that led to Nate's strokes and eventual death. He also charges that Nate was mentally incapacitated when he and Calvin wed. Nate and Latoya were only married for 19 days before filing for a divorce which had yet to be finalized before his untimely death. According to Naijiel's mother, Rhoda Mouton, Calvin didn't even attend the funeral.

The family has been squabbling over the legendary hip-hop crooner's estate since shortly after his death since he reportedly died without a will. In July 2012, it was reported that Nate's assets would be split between his six children. A few months later, news broke that the siblings were fighting to gain control of his estate and assets over their grandmother, Ruth Holmes or Nate’s wife.

Last year, the family was at odds over the sale of the crooner's Pomona, California home. Just two days after his death, the bank foreclosed the home since Nate had fallen behind on mortgage payments. The estate administrator agreed to sell the house for $340,000 with the net income going to paying off Nate's bills. But family members disputed the sale.

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