Yesterday (April 5), Troy Ave stirred up a lot of controversy during his interview with The Breakfast Club at Power 105.1. The Brooklyn rapper spoke on a lot of crucial topics, including his role in the Irving Plaza shooting, the disloyalty he feels from his former manager Hovain, and artist Young Lito, and even called himself the "second coming of Tupac."

Since the interview hit the e-streets, plenty of those in the hip hop community had a lot to say in response to his statements, including New York rapper Mysonne. The Bronx MC posted a new video to Instagram, where he expressed his outrage over Ave's comments about being the "NewPac."

"I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't come out and say Troy Ave is a fucking bozo," says Mysonne in the videos below. In the caption, the rapper wrote, "I'm just tired of the Bullshit, Us Real ni**as trying to get out the Streets and these clowns trying to stay in Em. I'm sorry but I can't peacefully co-exist with Suckers. Stop making clowns Famous ..Ronald McDonald is enough.. #IworkForThePeople#ImRealInRealLife #ImNotUsedToThis #R.I.P.Banga."

He also posted a second part to the video, captioning the post with "Pt 2.. I know Real and these ni**as ain't it!! Stop supporting the Phonies!! "Dope Boy Troy"??? FOH!! You a Ni**a dying for attention and you keep getting it. It a Bunch of Real Rappers that ain't gotta worry because they Conduct themselves like men. This shit is too Much.. #ImRealInRealLife #IworkForThePeople #ThatsHowWeOnIT."

It's safe to say that there are multiple sides to this story, and Mysonne is making sure that more than one of them are told. Watch his full confessional below to see what he had to say about Troy Ave.

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