Yesterday was the official release of Legendary Classics Vol. 1. Whether it was the distributor’s fault or the label, something got fucked up and it’s being shipped to some stores a day or two late. I apologize to fans that ran out to support on the release date only to be fucked over. Also call Best Buy, call FYE, call my distributor and get in their ass, tell these motherfuckas to get on their jobs. If your store doesn’t have Legendary Classics Vol. 1 threaten to hurt one of the clerks in the store make them order the shit ASAP.

Being that this is (*supposed to be) the week my new record drops, I’ve been insanely busy, but for my first stop of the day I gotta head to 48th street to have a lunch meeting with the biggest superstar of them all; the man, the myth, my greatest influence. Yup, My pops. Staff sgt. John A. Thorburn! In case your unfamiliar with him, here is the 44 bar true story I wrote about him (second verse). This song appears on Legendary Classics Vol.1 collection album in stores now (or sometime soon.).

We got a million and a half views on that one.

Growing up my pops was the man. He had guns under the pillows, under the mattress, in the closet; he loved his weaponry, boy. When times got tough, he slowly got rid of his weapons. He'd pawn them shits off until finally them shits seemed to all disappear. But as a kid I remember being 4 or 5-years old and my dad used to let me bust off this little .22 he had and shoot up cans and shit. All that gangsta rap, shooting guns shit, I was doing before I was in grade school. Ha!

Here's a little interview they did with my pops at one of my shows in Boston.

We lost three of the children in our immediate family due to diseases and sicknesses that most likely were Agent Orange induced. My father lost his daughter at 26, his son at 10 and his grandson at 6-months-old. I don't wanna get all political on this shit but let me tell you, 55 American troops were killed in Afghanistan this month, beating the previous high of 51 in August. I don't care if folks get mad at me, but we need to stop making it a race thing and somebody gotta get in Obama's ass the same way the media got in Bush's ass for the same shit. Obama hasn't been bringing troops home he's been putting more in, Just 'cause Obama knows how to speak and Bush didn't, it don't give him any more right to get motherfuckas killed. And stop acting like the White House is just cleaning up Bush's mess, that's the card they play so the government can keep doing what they were doing before.

Let's move on to a less depressing topic. Last night I got a call from Bone Thugs’ publicist telling me they was in town with my man Flesh Bone. In the early 2000's Flesh came after some dude with an AK-47 while he was on probation and got sentenced close to 10 years. Shit, i didn’t even know my man got out, that's my homeboy from years ago, so I rolled up to B.B. King's to show my man some love and say what up.

While I was up at B.B. King's the Clipse was just getting offstage, so I didn’t get to see if they was rockin’ or not, but I did get to see Cory Gunz from the Bronx and my man Grafh from Queens spit a few bars. Then I guess the headliner was Omarion. I don't even know what the fuck his set was. I think he did half a song or some shit. Ha! That mo'fucka was probably in a rush to go and not get pussy from that Kardashian bitch.

For the amount they must of spent getting Omarion and Clipse and everyone I was kind'a surprised how few people were there. We had more folks at the Rugged Man NYC concert I did with Jedi Mind Tricks & Reef the Lost Cauze last month And shit, all it cost to book me is my rent money and a couple bottled waters.

And please as soon as the distributor and the stores stop fuckin’ shit up and they get Legendary Classics Vol. 1. up in your hood, pick that shit up. It features never before released commercially material from The Notorious B.I.G., Sadat X, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap and much more. And to the mo'fuckers tired of seeing my face or hearing my voice and just want me to disappear, I appoligize but I was here before you was rappin' and I'll be here after your careers’ are over. I outlast everybody. I got that Bernard "The Exectuioner" Hopkins longevity.

And to those people I'll just leave you with this clip from my homegirl Millie Jackson…