Former No Limit artist Mr. Serv-On is preparing to release a new book aimed at helping the women of the Hip-Hop generation understand their male counterparts. The book is called Inside the Mind of Brothas: A Young Black Man's Ultimate Guide for Black Women Trying to Survive the Dating Game in Today's Hip-hop Generation, and will come with an accompanying CD of music from singer Lisa G. and the rapper himself. The rapper’s goal is to give black women some insight into what is going on in the minds of black men, and in turn, help change the way they approach relationships. “I decided to write this book after sitting in a restaurant alone and overheard a table full of beautiful black women bashing black men,” he explained in a statement announcing the books release. “They decided to ask my opinion on things, and I angrily responded explaining that black women's hearts get broken 70% of the time because of their own blind misjudgment and greediness for a man based on his outside attributes or his sexual greatness coupled with her lack of maintaining control of a situation she initially owns and controls.” Mr. Serv-On is currently seeking a publisher to distribute the book. Fans can also look forward to Life Insurance II, the sequel to the New Orleans native’s 1997 debut, to be released on EMI Record later this year.