Camden, N.J. rhymer Mir Fontane is back with a new EP, Macaroni Tony. XXL has the exclusive premiere. The EP is named after an alter ego Mir created to deal with the ups and downs of being an artist.

The 10-track, 22-minute EP is light on features, and mostly sticks to a few producers. Kodie Shane appears on "New Friends," and Drama joins in on "Hesitate," both of which are singles. Most of the tracks are produced by Kenif Muse, with additional production from Kev Rodgers, Kees and Mike Zombie.

The story behind the project's title, and how the EP came to fruition is complex. "Macaroni Tony is a persona I created based on the rumors and misguided perspectives people made about me during my transition from underground to gaining mainstream attention," he tells XXL. "The Macaroni Tony EP is a short story I created to paint a picture of a mental struggle between trying to stay rooted to your hometown while also pursuing your own dreams outside of where you were raised."

When it came to the sound of the mixtape, Mir made sure to keep the fans in mind by crafting music similar to his successful singles of the past. "I'ma give y'all what I feel like y'all need, which is why Macaroni Tony has a bunch of stuff that sounds like 'Hesitate,' 'New Friends' and 'Frank Ocean,'" he shares. "That's what the fans gravitate to."

However, the mixtape has some newer sounds, too. "I'm excited for 'Bodega,'" Mir reveals. "I feel like it's refreshing in an industry where everybody is tryna be Caribbean. [It's] Spanish realism rap."

"Bodega" will likely be one of the EP's standouts, as it's both personal and catchy, a dream-like track that sweeps you up in its chorus.

Macaroni Tony is Mir Fontane's first project since his 2017 mixtape, Camden.

Listen to Mir Fontane's new Macaroni Tony EP below.

Mir Fontane's Macaroni Tony EP Tracklist

1. "Intro" (produced by Kenif Muse)
2. "Next" (produced by Kev Rodgers)
3. "New Friends" featuring Kodie Shane (produced by Kenif Muse)
4. "My Favorite Rule" (produced by Kees, Kenif Muse)
5. "Skit" (produced by Kenif Muse)
6. "Bodega" (produced by Kev Rodgers, Mike Zombie, Kenif Muse)
7. "Hesitate" featuring Drama (produced by Kenif Muse)
8. "Blue" (produced by Kev Rodgers, Kenif Muse)
9. "Outro" (produced by Kenif Muse)
10. "Snowman" (produced by Kev Rodgers, Kenif Muse)

Mir Fontane
Mir Fontane

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