If you live in or around Columbus, Ga., you caught the best Super Bowl commercial of all last night: Rapper Mike Jones endorsing the man he claims is his personal lawyer, named--wait for it--Mark Jones.

In a 30-second spot that makes every effort to cash in on the Houston rapper's cult appeal, the paler Jones pledges to help you no matter the time, and no matter the legal strife you might be facing. His number isn't as instantly memorable as Mike Jones made 281-330-8004, but that doesn't stop him from putting effort into the harmonies when they do read out the contact information.

Svelte and emphatic, Mike Jones pitches the viewer on his lawyer, and he doesn't mince words. "If you're ever in need, all you've got to do is call my lawyer, Mark Jones," he says, acting out a B-roll scene wherein a friendly receptionist greets clients new and old. The two even recreate the now-famous "Who?" break to establish the name of the attorney.

And what's an ad spot for a lawyer without the implication that a client has gotten away with something seriously, thoroughly illegal? At the end of the clip, Mark urges his friend to "Tell 'em, Mike," to which the "Still Tippin'" rapper replies, "Hey, I already told them--my situation is straight." There's no elaboration as to what the situation in question might have entailed, but we're willing to venture a guess that it wasn't an unpaid parking ticket.