Migos have been leaving a trail of violence and chaos everywhere they go lately. A couple of days ago in a club in Nashville, Tenn. the rap group flipped out when someone tried to snatch one of their chains. Now Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset no-showed at a concert in Evansville, Ind., but still took their money. According to a report, entertainment company 41 South paid the ATL group $11,000 up front and claim they had the remaining $10,000 in cash on the night of the scheduled performance.

The promoters from 41 South are claiming that the rappers took the remaining $10,000 and started to leave. When the organizers tried to stop the trio from leaving, someone from the group—no word on if it was a member of Migos yet—pulled two rifles and pointed them at the promoters. No word on arrests as of now.