Atlanta indie imprint Quality Control Music is proving to be a force in the industry with red-hot acts like Migos and Lil Yachty currently at the forefront. Migos recently revealed the label will be putting out a compilation album to highlight its talent in the coming months.

The trio was recently in the U.K. on tour and stopped by Tim Westwood to chop it up. Among other things, they talked about taking over the hot months by dropping some fire. "Oh yeah, compilation is on the way. Us and the Boat," Offset explained. Quavo confirmed, "Yes, this summer going crazy. We gone put on for the north, the A, the south, London, everybody. The whole world."

The label previously released a compilation project back in 2014 titled Solid Foundation, which featured Migos, Johnny Cinco, Jose Guapo, Losie, MPA Duke, Cartie, Dity Dave and Chill Will.

The label project will come at a good time as Yachty's debut will be out by then and the label's stock will be even higher. Boat's Teenage Emotion album is set to drop on May 26. The controversial rapper recently sat down for an in-depth interview with XXL where he talked about being perceived as an agitator by some.

"A lot of people feel like I don’t respect [hip-hop]," he told XXL. "I have 100 percent respect for hip-hop and the history of it. I will say that I probably could’ve been more educated on it, but I don’t feel as if I’ve disrespected hip-hop. I just once told my opinion about what I think about certain things. But, people think I don’t respect hip-hop and that’s not true."

During the interview with Westwood, Quavo also confirmed reports that the group would appear in a song on Liam Payne of One Direction's new project, having recently shot the video.

Check out the rest of the Migos sit down below, where Offset kinda talks about his relationship with Cardi B, the group shows off shiny things and comment on new releases.

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