Migos isn't shy about expressing their feelings as we've seen on Twitter quite a few times, especially when it comes to Chief Keef. The beef between the rap trio and the Chi-Town native seems to have simmered down but at one point seemed to be taking a fatal route. Migos recently spoke on their situation with Keef explaining that they're simply just living their lives.

"Nah we wasn't really instigating," Migos explained to Hot 97.3's Jenny Boom Boom about tweets many perceived as subliminal threats to rappers in the Chicago area. "We were just letting the fans know that we here and we rock with y'all. When we was in Chicago, we were letting the fans know that we rock with y'all. Wasn't no harm or danger."

Then when questioned on why they are not frightened by Chief Keef's antics they responded, "We ain't most artists. Man they're hoods everywhere, trappers everywhere, guns everywhere, killers everywhere." Further explaining, "We ain't going around waving guns saying 'Let's shoot it up.' We living life and telling our story. If you like it, like it. If you love it, love it. If you don't like it, keep it moving."