Migos got booted off a Delta flight yesterday (July 7), with the group's manager insinuating racial profiling might be the reason.

The group was on a flight from Atlanta to Des Moines, Iowa., when they ran into an issue. According to TMZ, the group got on the first class flight and quickly fell asleep, their manager claims. Takeoff's book bag was not in the proper storage area and he didn't hear directions to put the bag away because he was knocked out.

The pilot started to taxi the runway, but reportedly pulled back in after noticing the bag was not removed. Takeoff was kicked off the plane, with the crew exiting as well.

In video following the incident, the group's manager is heard pleading for a proper reason for their expulsion. According to the TMZ, the manager thinks it was a case of racial profiling. The Delta workers aren't trying to hear it. The airline claims Offset's lack of following safety precautions is what caused them to ask the rapper to exit.

It appears the group was able to catch another flight fairly quickly. A video posted to the Migos' Instagram page shows them getting on totally empty plane that they claim the airline provided them for their troubles, and they were still able to make their gig. "RIGHT IS RIGHT WRONG IS WRONG. Thanks @delta For Making It YOUR job to get US to our concert On TIME!!! W H O L E P L A N E ✈️," the caption reads.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Back in February, Offset was kicked off an American Airlines flight. He claimed he was booted for talking on his cell phone. The rapper was pissed. “Fuck American Airlines,” he said on social media at the time. “Pussy ass niggas kicked me off the plane for motherfucking talking on my phone. And he was a Black nigga. You a real ho. Lame ass nigga. Don’t get mad at me ’cause you work at the airport. Fuck American Airlines. Don’t nobody need to take that cheap ass flight anyway.”

As far as music goes, the group is prepping the release of the Quality Control compilation album, which should be dropping this summer. They are also working on Culture 2, which is supposed to be dropping in October.

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