Migos have announced their next project No Label 3 in the video above. You can peep members of the group previewing music from the studio in the clip. Sounds like they've been working hard these days.

Surely the trio will have a lot to talk about, especially since Offset's been getting hunted by Georgia police these days. He's been arrested twice this year so far, with the first one being a mistake made by the cops. But it sure does feel like the hip-hop police are watching the crew.

“[Offset] was only in there for 30 minute to an hour so I’m pretty sure he don’t want that time back no way,” said Quavo. “They always messing with us, they don’t give us room to breath. Y’all see it y’all self.

"We just here to do our job. I know you see this ice,” he continued. "[We] got your daughter and sh-t dabbing. Got your mama and sister dabbing. Just leave us alone.”

Meanwhile, the previews from No Label 3 in the clip above sound hard as shit. Some of their best material comes over slower, more mellow beats, and one of the first snippets played in the video supports that.

They've been in the studio with Kanye West recently as well. Hopefully we see the fruits of that labor sooner rather than later, perhaps even on Turbo Grafx 16.

Earlier this year, they also dropped a loosie with Zaytoven called "Think Twice" that's still in heavy rotation on this side. Hear that below.