For a while now I’ve been hearing good things about this kid named The Kid Daytona. Dudes been telling me about his “Tribe Called Quest” mixtape and how banging it was but ain’t no one ever actually lend me their copy to give it a listen. But I just got my hands on his latest project with the homie, Mick Boogie and threw it in to see if the kid was worth all the hype that’s been built around him in the hood. I must say that he didn’t disappoint.

The Boogie Down representative definitely shows some range. He can go in with a sick flow and hard as jail bars on a track like the 6th Sense-produced, “The Wings” or take the pace down a notch but still go in on a joint like The Government-produced, “The Take Off” where dude said, “If you ever see what’s in my thoughts it’ll cross your mind that I’m crazy/or maybe a result of what these muthafuckas made me/and I’ma let this muthafucka take me/out the jungle, out the struggle, out the gray streets… cause lately I’ve been feeling so supa/fuck the sleeve cause Versace Rolls/watch face froze cause I’m looking at Medusa…” I know dudes is obsessed with Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Louis V (Damn Rawse! Fake LV tints on your grill??), but for those who don’t remember, Versace had the hood poppin’ with the Medusa emblem.

While the mixtape was only seven songs deep, it was still potent product. Like my man once said while he was bagging up the work, “It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.” And that’s exactly what this kid Daytona brought to the table with his Daytona 500 mixtape. Quality music. His rhymes were sharp and his flows consistent with whatever beat that was thrown his way. The kid was able to craft good music. And not just good hip-hop music, but good music, period. While he is rapping on this mixtape, the creativeness found on the more alternative sounding “The Engine,” and Roots-ish “The Pit Crew,” demonstrate that this man is able to take his art to a much deeper level than that of your everyday microphone ripper. Sort of like a male and non-whorish Karrine Steffans.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “The Wings”

Weakest Joint: “The Navigation”