If you’re in tune with all the social media trolling that occurs on Twitter and Instagram than we’re sure you saw the hilarious memes going back and forth between people from the South and people form New York. The trolling even reached another turn when Southern folks decided to crack jokes on rappers from the Big Apple, creating quite the buzz and stir.

While social media chimed in on the jokes, the memes about New York rappers mostly revolved around their love for Timberland 6” boots also known as the popular construction wheat Timbs. With captions like “NY niggas go to sleep with Timbs on” and “New York niggas wear open-toe Timbs as sandals to the beach,” the funny memes poured in and the jokes were to die for, but it was the "New York rappers be like..." memes that caught our attention as Southerners rejoiced and created funny jokes about some of the biggest traits of a New York rapper.

With both, New Yorkers and Southerners tagging along for the trolling on social media, XXL gathered up some of the funniest memes aimed at New York rappers in the funny back and forth. Check out 9 of the funniest memes that resulted from the New York niggas vs. Southern niggas online trend.

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