Michael Christmas is back on the solo tip. After collaborating with Prefuse 73 last year on the album Lady Parts, Christmas returns to his unassisted endeavors with a music video for "Not the Only One."

Christmas and co-director Hunter Lyon create a visual about the Boston rapper trying to make sense of what happened the previous night. The "& Yo Dough" MC tries to retrace his steps while spitting rhymes about his lackadaisical attitude.

“They always asking why I’m heading home/Them demons put their fingers through my fro/Them demons put their numbers in my phone/I know I’m not the only though/That would rather sleep than have fun though/My next birthday at the play place off the interstate/Just a little bit of Chavo/A couple jokes like Bob Hope/I went the wrong several times on my way home/No, I’m not alone,” Christmas raps.

Christmas is one of the young rappers leading the charge in Boston's hip-hop scene. The talented rhymer spoke to XXL last year about the potential for greatness in Beantown.

“I would describe it as budding,” Christmas said of Boston’s scene. “Everybody is just now realizing what we could do in the city. Artists, rappers that live here are just now realizing that we can all be getting our piece of this. I think with that, people are excited to be making music, excited to be putting music out and it’s turning into a complexity of people from outside the city wanting to come in and meet us, want to see what it’s like. I’ve had people tweet me like, ‘I’m going to be in Boston, can I meet you.’ I’m like ‘Yeah, pull up. I’ll be at Bodega.’ We have people coming out now that are excited to come to Boston, not just the people in Boston.”

Watch Michael Christmas' "Not the Only One" video below.

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