Maxo Kream is coming under some serious fire with his fans and followers after footage has surfaced of the rapper's security team pouring water and snatching a wig off of a female fan at one of his recent Punken Tour dates.

According to the footage, which hit the Internet yesterday (April 1), the Houston rapper became visibly angry when he noticed the woman throwing an object on stage and called her out on it. He then ordered his security to escort her out of the venue, but they ended up splashing water right in her face and pouring a bottle over her head before grabbing her hat and wig off to throw it into the crowd.

After video of the incident surfaced, fans have been calling out the Texas native, who recently pitched himself for the 2018 XXL Freshman cover, for provoking the actions of his security. A few hours after tons of outrage came to light, Kream then posted a screenshot of him on FaceTime with the woman, whose name is Asha, explaining that he personally apologized to her despite not having actually done the excessively harsh actions.

"Just chopped it up with Asha," Kream captioned the photo. "I personally apologized for what happened last night. Even though I didn’t do it I felt responsible for what happened to her, and promised her that I was gonna make this right."

The Punken lyricist also posted a recap video from the concert, where he further elaborated on his remorse from the situation.

"I’m a grown man with sisters and a mother," he wrote. "If anybody was to pour water on them they’ll get dealt with. What happened to Asha is some bullshit that should happen to nobody . I wanted security to escort her out not pour water on her. She paid money to see me and have a good time not get embarrassed. Imma fix this on God."

Meanwhile, a Twitter account that appears to belong to Asha has been responding to social media users about the incident. While posting screenshots of her own view while FaceTiming with Maxo, she told multiple users that the rapper asked for a lighter while performing and claims that she threw one on stage to give to him to use.

"He asked for a lighter and I gave him one??? Lmao Wym," she tweeted.

It looks like there is definitely a few sides to this story, but hopefully Kream can work things out with any angry fans.

Check out the footage of the incident below, as well as Maxo Kream and Asha's reponses.

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