It's one thing to have beef and exchange diss songs, but the hate goes to another level when you wish death on another man. Manolo Rose and Troy Ave have had some bad vibes between each other in the past but after a retweet insinuating the "Doo Doo" rhymer should be six feet under, Rose is explaining that he thought it was all a joke.

Following a shooting at a T.I. concert at New York City's Irving Plaza on Wednesday (May 25), in which B$B affiliate Banga died and several others were injured including Troy, who was shot in the leg, Rose seemed like he wished the incident was more severe. The retweet, which was originally written by user @Devonthesav, he chose to put on his Twitter timeline said, "The worst part about Troy Ave being shot is that he didn't die."

It didn't take long for the Internet to catch wind of the shade, prompting the "God Level" rapper to issue an explanation. "Y'all crazy if y'all think I want da man dead. I didn't believe it was true. And I retweeted was I thought was a joke at the time," he wrote on Instagram. "Me and @TroyAve had our issues but I would never wish death on him. I will wish him a speedy recovery. #GodLevel."

This looks like it could all be one insensitive joke. The Coke Boyz rhymer and Troy have been at odds since the latter dropped "All About the Money," which featured a similar beat to Rose's "Dope Man."

We're wishing Troy Ave a speedy and healthy recovery. Our condolences go out to B$B Banga's family.


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