Over the weekend, Broward County rapper Koly P was performing his "Gooked Out" song when someone apparently tried to take his chain. The alleged perpetrator got a swift beatdown, and you can watch footage of it below.

In the video of the performance, which took place at Skatetown in Fort Pierce, Fla., we see Koly—who is a rising star out of the Sunshine State—rocking the stage in front of a pretty enthusiastic crowd. Everything's going well, until a man steps onto the stage and seems to try and take Koly's chain. Needless to say, it didn't go well.

 Koly's entourage dished out a serious beating almost immediately after the man stepped to the "Ya Ya Ya" rapper, and a few moments later, we see the man keeled over on the ground with a swollen face. Someone tries to check on the would-be robber, but as one woman notes, "This man tried to snatch this man's chain," so it didn't look like he was about to get any sympathy from anyone.

Violence is never a good thing, but Koly P and his crew had no qualms about making sure they wouldn't be the victims of it. The video of the incident is fairly gruesome, but if you want, you can peep it for yourself below.

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