If you didn't know, Koly P used to engage in some illegal activities. Thankfully, these days the Florida rapper has had a change of heart, and his dreams of obtaining a four-car garage and private airport the legal way may come to fruition faster than he thinks.

The video for "06," Koly's latest single off his 20-track mixtape, Rap Game Messiah, finds the Broward County native reflecting back to the year before his life took a sharp turn. Apparently around that time P was kicked out of his home by his father and had taken part in several robberies in the area. These days, however, the Bad Azz Music Syndicate signee is living a life one would envy—who wouldn't want champagne courtesy of Rick Ross?

Koly P—formerly known as Kolyon—has been on the South Florida rap scene since 2011. His bars and freestyles over beats like "Hail Mary" have garnered him a massive following on social media, and an even bigger fan base as he continues to push real music people can relate to.

“I give the youth hope,” Koly told XXL while promoting his latest mixtape. “A messiah is a savior and should bring joy and prosperity to all. Being a wonderful counselor is something that comes natural to me. Having power is something I seek only to create more leaders.”

It's safe to say Koly P is as authentic as one can get. Don't test him though—you don't want to end up like this guy.

Watch his video for "06" below.

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