Asking some producers to reveal the records they sampled is tantamount to asking a magician to explain how a trick is performed. There are probably tons of hip-hop nerds around the world wondering where mastermind producer Madlib finds the original music he transforms into one of his creations. That scratch has been itched with a new Spotify playlist that compiles over 1,000 songs sampled by the Beat Konducta.

Spotify user amplesoulphysician has been working on a Spotify playlist that he or she started in April of 2016. It's been constantly updated with the newest additions being made in the last few hours. It includes obvious artists like Parliament, Kool & The Gang and King Tubby as well as more obscure artists like Human Egg and Gal Costa.

Putting the whole playlist on random makes it feel like Madlib just invited you into his blunted bomb shelter to listen to his personal collection of records. It should provide hours of relaxing listening for casual fans or studying for the more serious fans who go digging in the crates for each artist's discography.

You can listen to the Spotify playlist below.

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