On February 1, Mac Miller and Cam’ron released an unlikely collaboration called “Dig That.” Though the pairing initially seemed odd, the reactions to the cut were overwhelmingly positive, and now there may be more in the works.

“Me and Cam are actually talking about doing a project together,” Mac told XXLMag.com. “We don’t know when we’re gonna do it. We have three or four songs recorded already. We’re working on more at this point.”

The 2011 XXL Freshman said that he and the veteran Harlem rhymeslinger have worked together in the studio, but have also been staying in touch via phone and sending tracks back and forth through email when their schedules conflict. When they are in the same room together, though, Mac says it’s a lighthearted time and easy dynamic.

“We’re two funny guys,” he shared. “We cut up a lot in the studio, and have a good time and make some dope music. I think the cool thing is that it’s an unexpected collaboration that actually turned out dope. We wanna do some soulful hip-hop shit, while also making some hard shit and some fun music. [We’re] making sure that we do it in a way that’s different than other people who have done projects together. It’s still in the brainstorming stage, but we definitely have some dope records done. He’s got a lot of knowledge in that he’s schooling me on.”

That’s not all that has been on the 20-year-old’s plate recently. In addition to “working on a surprise” for his fans, the details of which he wouldn’t yet disclose, Mac is still teaming up with DJ Jazzy Jeff and getting ready to hit the road again.

“I’m still planning on doing this mixtape with Jazzy Jeff probably around the summer time, and then Cam and I, and then the Macadelic Tour starts in March,” he said. “It’s a whole ’nother level of show than any who has been to my show has seen before. It’s a lot more performance-based and very visual. We’re working hard on concepts for the screens. It’s gonna be a real psychedelic adventure. I got some stuff ready to go that I’ve worked on, but I really won’t know [all the details] until rehearsal. We’re gonna do something real next level.”

The Rostrum Records rapper, who toured extensively in 2011, plans to keep some elements of his past shows, while giving the performances a new twist. “A lot of times, at my shows, it’s all been about jumping and a lot of energy,” he says. “And it’s still gonna be that—there’s a time and part of the show for, with all the energy you have, mosh put and crowd surf and go crazy and have a good time—but at the same time, I’m also doing stuff that’s more visual this go ’round, that requires more of just watching the show and taking it in and listening.”

On the 19-date tour, which begins on March 27, Mac will be joined by The Cool Kids and The Come Up. He calls Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, of The Cool Kids, “very big trendsetters” as well as friends, and recalled watching them perform at Rock the Bells when he was 15. As for The Come Up, not only has Mac known them for years, but he’s proud of the way they rep Pittsburgh. “I always wanna put on for my city,” he said.

Through it all, he’s focused on making sure the music is as good as it can be: “I’ve been working on growing as an artist and coming up with something new and pushing everything forward and not getting stuck on the same stuff I’ve been doing.”

Tickets for the tour are available at at macmillerofficial.com. The rapper’s debut album Blue Slide Park is available now. —Adam Fleischer (@adamxxl)

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