Lud Foe is here to tell it like it is. The Chicago rapper gives his brutally honest song “In and Out” some appropriate visuals for its new music video. Lud posts up in a dope house with his crew while spitting rhymes about doing everything it takes to survive in the streets.

“I dropped out of school/Started selling dog food/Catch the biggest pistol even though I was a small dude/I'll getcha block hot/50 shots out this AK/You diss on my name, you get smoked on the same day/We do a hit, we hit your block the same way/You niggas broke, tell me how y’all wanna gang bang/Riding round with two baby Ninas, I feel like Max Payne/Serving caine, baby trapping, I'm selling everything/I gotta watch my back, I know these niggas out to get me/So I bought a MAC, you better know I got it with me,” Lud raps.

XXL recently had a chance to speak with the Windy City MC, who is quickly rising up the ranks in the rap world. Lud appreciates his growing recognition, but he’s determined to stay focused on getting the most out of his career.

“[My goal is] to stay consistent, work hard every day and stay motivated and dedicated,” Lud said. “But stay focus mainly because you can’t do anything without it. My main goal in life is to stay focus and succeed in everything that I do.”

Fans can find “In and Out” on Lud’s No Hooks mixtape, which dropped back in November. Watch the music video for the track below.

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