Lud Foe pulls up with a new visual. Today (June 27), the rapper unloads a new video for "Hit a Lick," a tune he dropped just about two weeks ago.

The video, which was directed by Gerard Victor, finds Foe posted up in a few different spaces. In some clips, he's sitting down as rubbing his hands together Birdman style as a couple of ladies bag up his money. Naturally, there's a big gun right next to it.

In other parts of the video, Foe stands by himself as he flaunts his cash and clutches a bottle of liquor. Later on, he and a friend successfully pull of a robbery. Clearly, there's a lot going on.

Even with all of the activity, though, Foe remains at ease as his hard-hitting new tune soundtracks a night of lick-hitting. With ferocious lyrics that bounce off the hard instrumental, it's a fitting tune for a video that reeks of ill intention.

"Ayy, ayy, I just hit another lick, I just took a nigga bitch, ayy, ayy/I don't want her though/Remember trapping up on the corner though/I wasn't selling no marijuana though/Talking 'bout guns, we got a lot of those," rhymes the Chicago rapper.

Peep Lud Foe's new video for yourself below. Check out his No Hooks 2 mixtape. 

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