Chicago rapper Lud Foe has been buzzing for a while now, and he just released a new video to support one of his previously-released songs. His latest is "Big Tymerz," which pays homage to the Cash Money duo of a similar name.

The video starts with Lud Foe riding in a luxury car and rapping to the camera. He then ends up in a back room with the rest of his crew, complete with bottles of champagne and racks of money all around. The video ends with sudden television static, like when you unplug the wrong cord on grandma's TV.

The song itself is a direct reference to the Big Tymers' "Get Your Roll On," and Lud Foe makes it clear with both his flow and lyrics. "Big rims on trucks/Ran off on the plug, yeah, he outta luck," he nearly chants. "Eight doors, shut the lights/I done dodged fast cars, yeah, I'm runnin' lights." He also shares that he doesn't play around: "Thick bitch, mean walk/Yellow tape, red tape and white chalk/These niggas all talk."

"Big Tymerz" was originally released on Lud Foe's October 2017 mixtape No Hooks 2. In the next month, he released a video for the song "Side" from that same tape. While he's been working on the music end of things, December 2017 saw him get into some legal trouble, finding himself charged with aggressive domestic battery.

Check out Lud Foe's "Big Tymerz" video below.

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