It looks like rap beef is brewing in Los Angeles between Lakers teammates Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. After a season spent clowning each other online, Ball raised the stakes on Monday (June 12) by posting a diss track aimed at his shooting guard titled "Kylie Kuzma."

Over church bells and 808s, the eldest Ball brother teases Kuzma for not knowing his father, not having a signature sneaker and altogether being less famous. Zo also points out Kuzma's habit of posting Instagram photos while at the gym.

"I’m working out daily, but I ain’t postin’ it/And I would never stop my workout just to post a pic," Ball raps.

It's never been totally clear how seriously Ball takes his rap career—he released his debut album in February—but this track definitely feels more like a sarcastic riff on the Pusha-Drake drama, down to the embarassing-old-photo-as-cover-art, than an articulation of actual bad blood. Both players roasted each other on social media throughout their rookie campaign, so frequently that Kuzma recently earned Bleacher Report's "Player Hater of the Year" award, so diss tracks are a logical next step.

Kuzma, for his part, has hinted at revenge. The guard apparently responded in a comment on Lonzo's Instagram, "No Pusha T. No comeback. I’m whoppin yo [sic] a** Wednesday.”

The streets will be listening. In the meantime, you can listen to Zo's diss and view the cover art below.

Big Baller Music Group
Big Baller Music Group

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